Bali, Ubud


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No matter what type of traveler you are – fast-paced or relaxed – we strongly recommend spending at least one entire day in Ubud to simply chill. All curated stays in the Ubud region provide a serene atmosphere with beautiful surroundings like jungle canyons or rice terraces, so you can truly disconnect from your everyday life.

All curated stays in Ubud also offer in-villa massage, food, and spa options, so you can spend an entire day (or more) not thinking about your schedule, and just unwinding. This is one of the top experiences in Bali from our personal experience.

If downtime is simply not an option for you – rent a scooter (delivered to most curated stays) and just randomly drive around the Ubud area, turning into alleys that you feel like turning into. Every corner of the Ubud region is unique and you'll inevitably have a great time!