About us

We are Fyno

Behind Fyno is a team of passionate engineers, designers, and product professionals. We are also behind several award-winning consumer apps that help tens of millions of users achieve more with technology. We all come from different backgrounds, but we’ve got one thing in common – whenever we have a break from our full-time jobs, we end up on a flight to a new city, country, or continent, looking for something we haven’t seen or experienced before.

The beginnings

From the start we realized that packaged tours is not our thing. We wanted to craft our own adventure. There is something magical about independent travel – the freedom in knowing that you fully control your journey and that you can also let go of that control at any time. This travel style allowed us to experience so much more at every destination. Sure, we visited most must-see sights, but we also were genuinely curious and allowed ourselves to get off the beaten path. We empathized with the world and created unique life-long memories.

State of
the industry

Creating your own adventure is amazing, yet it’s still so hard to organize a trip for most people.

A great adventure requires a lot of research and planning. It takes tens of hours to find where to go, when to go, what to do, among other unknowns. The highly-fragmented travel industry forces you to navigate between dozens of websites, hours of travel videos, endless blog posts, only to get a slight idea of what your trip could look like.

Bringing your plan to life is pretty stressful and time-consuming. Selecting and booking flights, looking through hundreds of accommodation options, tracing the original activity provider on their website in foreign language... No wonder an average independent trip takes six months to plan.

Every detail is crucial for a successful trip. Even when you have everything planned, there is a lot of anxiety around details like visa requirements, cultural differences, or exact parking locations. Even more so – figuring out how to stay safe and not endanger others during an ongoing COVID pandemic.

Our vision

At Fyno, we believe that independent travel is the best way to explore the world, and we also believe it shouldn’t be that hard. We want people to spend less time and mental energy on research and planning, and more on their actual adventure.

This is why we are building technology that streamlines the entire process for independent travelers – no matter if you are a solo traveler, a couple, or a group of friends – simply navigate from inspiration to planning, booking, and get in-trip expert assistance, all in one place. Our primary focus is the quality of travel experience, so we start small with just a handful of unique, inspiring destinations.

Let’s keep in touch

If our ideas resonated with you and you would like to try out our app when it’s ready – please join our waitlist. If you want to share ideas or help bring our vision to life – drop us a line.