Yellowstone, West Yellowstone

Old Faithful Inn

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The Old Faithful Inn is one of the most iconic and historic lodges in Yellowstone National Park, located just a short walk away from the famous Old Faithful geyser.

The lodge was first built in 1903-1904 and is considered one of the best examples of rustic architecture in the United States. The building itself is a beautiful sight to see, made entirely of logs and featuring a large stone fireplace in the lobby, as well as a towering seven-story lobby ceiling made of lodgepole pine. The inn offers a variety of guest rooms, from simple lodge rooms to more luxurious suites, and several restaurants and lounges for dining and relaxing.

Aside from its impressive architecture, the Old Faithful Inn also offers stunning views of the surrounding geysers and hot springs, and is a popular spot to watch the Old Faithful geyser erupt.

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