Yellowstone, Mammoth

Mammoth Hot Springs

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Mammoth Hot Springs is a unique thermal area located in the northwestern part of the park. It features a series of terraced hot springs and travertine formations that have been created by thousands of years of hot water flowing from the nearby geothermal vents. The travertine terraces are the main attraction, and they are constantly changing due to the water flow and the mineral deposits left behind.

The area is accessible via a boardwalk trail that takes you through the terraces, with stunning views of the colorful mineral deposits and the surrounding mountains. The Liberty Cap, a cone-shaped formation, is one of the most prominent features of Mammoth Hot Springs. Other noteworthy formations include the Minerva Terrace, the Canary Spring, and the Palette Spring.

Mammoth Hot Springs is also home to a historic district that includes several old buildings that were constructed in the late 1800s when the area was used as a military post. The Albright Visitor Center is located in the historic district and provides information about the area's geology, history, and wildlife.

By the way, wildlife is abundant in Mammoth Hot Springs, and you can often spot elk, bison, and other animals grazing in the nearby fields.