Yellowstone, Canyon Village

Grand Canyon Of The Yellowstone

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The Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone is a spectacular natural wonder carved by the Yellowstone River. The canyon stretches for about 24 miles and is up to 1,200 feet deep with colors ranging from bright yellows and oranges to deep reds and browns, creating a breathtaking and otherworldly landscape.

We recommend driving around and stopping at the four major viewpoints starting with the Inspiration Point, then Grand View, then Lookout Point, then you can descend down the stairs on Uncle Tom's Trail to the bottom of the Lower Falls, then finally Artist Point which is also a start of the Point Sublime Trail.

Artist Point is the most scenic and our personal favorite, offering a panoramic view of the Lower Falls and the canyon walls. Lookout Point a bit closer look at the Lower Falls. Grand View is located exactly opposite from Artist Point and offers a wider perspective of the canyon, with the river winding its way through the steep cliffs.

What makes the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone unique is not just its stunning beauty but also its geological history. The canyon was formed by a combination of volcanic activity and erosion, making it a fascinating location for geologists and nature enthusiasts. The vibrant colors of the canyon walls are a result of the oxidation of iron compounds in the rock formations.