Tuscany, Cinque Terre


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Manarola is another picturesque village of Cinque Terre. Its colorful buildings are stacked on a hillside that overlooks the sea, providing stunning views of the Mediterranean.

Like Riomaggiore, Manarola is known for its seafood and wine, with many restaurants and bars serving up fresh catch and local wines.

Manarola is different from other Cinque Terre villages with its unique swimming area. The rocky beach area, known as the Marina, provides access to the sea for swimming and sunbathing. Manarola is also known for its hiking trails, with one of the most popular being the trail to Corniglia. Additionally, the village is home to a famous Christmas nativity scene called the "Presepe di Manarola" that draws many visitors during the holiday season.

Overall, Manarola is a charming and colorful village that offers a unique blend of seaside relaxation, hiking, and cultural experiences.