Switzerland, Lake Geneva


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Whitepod is an eco-luxury hotel near the village of Les Cerniers. The hotel consists of 18 geodesic domes or "pods" that are set on wooden platforms and connected by wooden walkways.

The pods are equipped with comfortable beds, a wood-burning stove, and an en-suite bathroom with a shower. The hotel also features a central chalet that serves as a restaurant, lounge, and reception area.

The unique aspect of Whitepod is its commitment to sustainable tourism. The hotel was built with a minimal impact on the environment and operates with a low carbon footprint. The pods are heated with a pellet stove and electricity is provided by solar panels. The hotel also has its own water source and a wastewater treatment system.

Whitepod has been recognized for its innovative approach to eco-tourism and has won several awards, including the World Travel Award for Switzerland's Leading Green Hotel in 2020. It is a perfect destination for travelers who seek an eco-friendly and adventurous retreat in the Swiss Alps