Patagonia, Torres del Paine

Refugio Chileno

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Refugio Chileno offers a unique and enchanting mountain refuge experience along the renowned W Trek. This cozy refuge features comfortable dormitory-style accommodations and a campsite, providing a peaceful and restorative atmosphere.

At Refugio Chileno, you can enjoy warm and hearty meals in the dining area, replenishing your energy after a day of exploration. The refuge provides a cozy and welcoming ambiance, allowing you to connect with fellow adventurers and share stories of your outdoor experiences.

As with any other Refugio in the park, we recommend booking far in advance, ideally before the seasons starts in October. We also recommend pre-ordering meals even if you just rent a campsite since the food at this refugio is very delicious and hearty, which is essential for your hiking adventures.

Whether you're seeking a challenging trek or simply wish to immerse yourself in the beauty of Torres del Paine, Refugio Chileno offers a memorable retreat in the heart of Patagonia.