Lofotens, Moskenes

Holmen Lofoten

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Holmen Lofoten is a unique and immersive accommodation experience situated in the idyllic fishing village of Henningsvær. This exceptional property offers an authentic taste of traditional Arctic life, combined with style and comforts of modern living.

Holmen Lofoten features renovated fishermen's cabins, each boasting a distinct design that elegantly combines traditional elements with modern Scandinavian aesthetics. Despite their rustic charm, the cabins are equipped with all contemporary amenities.

The location of Holmen Lofoten makes it a perfect base for exploring the natural beauty of this part of the Lofoten Islands, with a plethora of outdoor activities such as hiking, fishing, and kayaking readily available.

Staying at Holmen Lofoten provides a unique and enriching experience that blends traditional Norwegian lifestyle with the breathtaking beauty of the Lofoten Islands, ensuring a memorable Arctic adventure.