The Grand Circle, Moab

Devil’s Garden

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Devil's Garden is the best way to see most of the arches in one go. The trail is known for its unique rock formations, including sandstone arches, spires, and other geological wonders.

The trail can be hiked as an out-and-back, or as a loop that is roughly 7.2 miles in total length. The trail is rated as strenuous overall due to the uneven terrain, steep drops, and exposure to the elements. The first part of the trail is pretty easy and offers spectacular scenery, so you can turn back early if not feeling like it.

The Devil's Garden Trail takes you past several of the park's most famous arches, including Landscape Arch, Navajo Arch, Partition Arch, and Double O Arch. Along the way, hikers can enjoy stunning views of the surrounding canyonlands and red rock formations.

We recommend visiting outside of the hottest summer months, but if you ended up here in summer – bring plenty of water and good sun protection.