Costa Rica, Arenal

Rio Celeste Trail

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The Rio Celeste Trail is a scenic trail in Tenorio Volcano National Park. The trail is approximately 4-miles long and takes you through the lush tropical rainforest and along the bright blue Rio Celeste river. Check AllTrails link for more technical details.

Along the trail, you will see several natural wonders, including Laguna Azul (a magical pool of blue water), Los Borbollones (a spot in the river where sulfuric gases from the volcano bubble up through the water), El TeΓ±idero (an Indiana-Jones style bridge to see how rivers converge into one blue current), and finally the magnificent Rio Celeste – a 98 feet waterfall with a pool of bright blue water.

The trail can be challenging with steep sections and rocky terrain, especially when it rains, but the stunning views make it well worth it. We recommend bringing plenty of water and proper hiking gear to comfortably walk this trail.