Alaska, Whittier

26 Glacier Cruise

5.0Boat safarisWhale watchingFjordsGlaciersEpic viewsDeparts 12:30 pm

The 26 Glacier Cruise is an unforgettable journey through the majestic waters of Prince William Sound. Departing from the charming town of Whittier, this scenic cruise takes you on a thrilling adventure amidst towering glaciers, pristine fjords, and abundant wildlife.

As you board the comfortable cruise vessel, get ready to be awestruck by the stunning scenery that surrounds you. The cruise takes you close to 26 different glaciers, allowing you to witness their grandeur up close. Marvel at the massive ice formations as they calve, creating dramatic displays of cascading ice and deep blue hues. The knowledgeable onboard naturalists provides informative commentary, sharing fascinating facts about the glaciers, their formation, and the unique ecosystem they support.

Keep your camera ready, as the 26 Glacier Cruise offers countless photo opportunities. Snap breathtaking shots of icy landscapes, spot playful seals lounging on floating ice, and scan the shoreline for bald eagles soaring through the sky. If you're lucky, you might even catch a glimpse of majestic whales swimming alongside the vessel.

During the cruise, you'll also enjoy a delicious lunch onboard, featuring a variety of Alaskan specialties and fresh seafood. Savor the flavors while taking in the panoramic views from the spacious deck or the comfortable indoor seating areas.

The 26 Glacier Cruise is not only a scenic journey but an educational experience that allows you to appreciate the power and beauty of Alaska's glaciers.