Alaska, Whittier

Anton Anderson Tunnel

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The Anton Anderson Memorial Tunnel, also known as the Whittier Tunnel, is an engineering marvel and an iconic landmark in Alaska. Located in the rugged Chugach Mountains, this tunnel provides a crucial transportation link between the town of Whittier and the rest of the mainland.

The Anton Anderson Tunnel holds several notable distinctions. It is the longest combined highway and railroad tunnel in North America, spanning approximately 2.5 miles. The tunnel is also unique in that it is a shared-use tunnel, accommodating both vehicle traffic and train passage. It was originally built for military purposes during World War II and was later repurposed for civilian use.

Traveling through the Anton Anderson Tunnel is an adventure in itself. The tunnel is a one-lane, single-direction tunnel, with scheduled openings for vehicles and trains. It offers a fascinating experience as you enter a dark, cavernous space, surrounded by solid rock and the hum of traffic. The tunnel is well-maintained and equipped with safety features, ensuring a smooth and secure journey.

Passing through the Anton Anderson Tunnel opens up a world of natural beauty and recreational opportunities. On the other side of the tunnel lies the picturesque town of Whittier, nestled on the shores of Prince William Sound. From there, you can explore the stunning fjords, embark on wildlife cruises, go fishing, or engage in various outdoor activities.