Patagonia, Torres del Paine

Scenic drive in TDP

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A scenic drive through Torres del Paine National Park offers an incredible way to experience the park's out-of-this-world landscapes. The park's diverse terrain includes towering granite peaks, expansive glaciers, turquoise lakes, and vibrant forests and steppes teeming with wildlife.

Scenic views start almost immediately after crossing the Chilean border, and continue througout the park. The park offers a well-maintained network of roads that provide access to many of its most famous viewpoints and attractions. Don't forget to stop at the ranger station at the park entrance to get a permit if you haven't done that online.

Key stops on a scenic drive through Torres del Paine include Laguna Amarga, which boasts stunning views of the Paine Massif; Salto Grande, a powerful waterfall that connects Lake Nordenskjöld and Lake Pehoé; and the picturesque Lake Pehoé itself, surrounded by mountains and offering an iconic view of the Cuernos del Paine.