Patagonia, El Chalten

Laguna Tunel o Toro

4.9HikingEpic viewsGlaciersGlacial riversAlpine valleys

This full-day out-and-back trail is the easy part of the famous multi-day Huemul Circuit, offering stunning views of the colorful valley, glacial river, and surrounding mountains.

The entire trail is 20-mile long and takes almost 10 hours, but we recommend hiking to the valley, getting yourself a nice view while descending to the river, have a pick-nick with the views for an hour or so, and start heading back to town. You should reach the valley with stunning views in just about 2-3 hours from the start.

If you are in great shape and eager for challenge – hike all the way down to the lake, it is well worth it. You can also spend a night in the campsite near the lake and head back the next day.

While this hike is not that popular among day hikes from El Chalten, we love it because it's way less crowded and provides a unique view of Glaciares National Park.