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A new dawn of independent travel

Less planning, more exploring

Travel planning may be tough and take months to select a perfect destination, research things to do, book flights and stays. Fyno combines travel experts' experience and technology intelligence to streamline the process of planning end-to-end, saving you time and energy for actual experience.

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Curated trips from around the world

If you are a true explorer like we are, it's time to go beyond regular destinations like Paris and Rome. We bring not obvious but magnificent sights closer.

  • Expert approved destinations

    After traveling to more than 50 countries, our team identified less than a dozen trips, but each one is a must.

  • Only handpicked activities

    Don't miss must-see sights, but also explore hidden gems and do unique things.

Smart itineraries for independent explorers

We fuse travel expert know-hows and latest technology to create thrilling itineraries that fit your travel style.

  • Personalized itineraries

    A unique personalization flow for each trip makes sure the trip is truly yours.

  • Flexible trip durations

    You can explore it all, or you can see only what you want in a fraction of time.

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Relieve the stress of booking

We relieve the stress of booking flights and hotels, making it impossible to choose wrong by suggesting optimal and verified options.

  • Regular and unique stays, verified

    Our experts stayed at each hotel that we recommend.

  • Easy flights booking

    We recommend flights optimizing for comfort and fast acclimation, and make sure the dates are correct.

  • Activities and experiences booking

    Activities and rentals provided by trusted local companies.

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