Iceland, South & Highlands

Magma Hotel

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Magma Hotel is a unique accommodation built into a lava field, surrounded by lush green valleys and a crater lake. It offers a more upscale experience with beautifully furnished rooms and exceptional service. The hotel also features a delicious bistro serving breakfast and dinner.

Be advised that the hotel has two sets of cabins — one next to the main building, and the other one on the hill. The first set of cabins is lake-front with beautiful unobstructed views of the lava fields, while the cabins on the hill have some infrastructure facility in their view, completely butchering the promised experience.

Make sure to contact their front desk and ensure you stay in the cabins next to the main building if you don't want to stare at the bright lights at night, especially while catching the Northern Lights in winter. Yes, that was our unfortunate experience in the winter of 2023.